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A module of my Master’s program is to conduct a scientific or application-oriented project. After some consideration I decided to develop a cross-platform game with libGDX and Google Play Game Services. The game is called Secludedness and the the source code can be found on github. With this post I want to give you a brief insight into the project. In the coming weeks I will post new information and go into more details. So please stay tuned!


Libgdx is a Java game development framework, which is used mainly in the development of 2D games. With a single API the framework targets desktop applications (Linux, Windows and Mac), Android, iOS and the Browser (through GWT). In my project I will support these platforms, except for iOS. Libgdx has a cleanly structured API, which will be explained in the following posts.

Google Play Game Services is a service, which was announced on the Google I/O 2013. It offers features like cross-platform leaderboards, real-time multiplayer, achievements and cloud save. The Play Games services SDK provides APIs for Android, iOS and REST. One focus of my project will be the combined use of the API on different platforms. Specifically the use of Google Play Game Services when using GWT (Java to JavaScript cross-compiling) could be difficult.

Secludedness uses Gradle with the libgdx-gradle-template as build tool. Currently only Secludedness (core project), Secludedness-desktop and Secludedness-android are built. A build file for Secludedness-html (GWT) is added in later stages of the development.


Secludedness is a puzzle game in which the player must move through a two-dimensional array. Depending on the platform the player is able to control the game through input devices such as keyboard, gamepad or motion sensor. In the game the player must pay attention to traps, magical portals and insidious opponents. The details will be worked out during development and presented in future posts.


The game is currently in an early development state. Secludedness uses Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 and it’s current version is 0.1.0! For the most parts it’s still WIP and will developed strongly in the upcoming weeks. Important changes to the game, design considerations and challenges in the development will be explained in more detail in the following posts.

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