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Secludedness: Current Development Status

After the project (part of my study) is now over, I would like to show the current status of Secludedness and provide an outlook for the further development. The aim of the project was the development of a cross-platform game with libGDX and Google Play Game Services. Therefore, I will briefly review the state of the entire game and the platform support.

The planned gamelogic of Secludedness is implemented in the game and can be used in all maps. These maps are, as already described, very easy to create and can be easily integrated into the game. There is a single-player random and a campaign mode with result screens. For all platforms are suitable input options available to control the game character. I implemented a settings dialog, to change settings such as music and sound effects. To give an impression of the game, a screenshot of the current desktop version:

Secludedness Desktop Version


Of course there are a number of to-dos I’d like to work off to improve the game. Beginning with the design of the game: It requires a more appealing presentation, for both the menus and the ingame graphics. The menus bitmap fonts should be replaced with TrueType fonts to improve the typeface (see screenshot of the menu screen). The textures of the existing maps should be replaced with better looking new ones. This also affects the player character, which is a placeholder at the moment. The current health bar is just a placeholder and should be re-designed in the next development steps. One other idea would be light and shadow effects to make isometric view more appealing. The music is just fine (thanks to Ozzed), but I will replace the sound effects.

Secludedness menu screen

Concerning the game logic, there are several ways to improve the game. The planned support for gamepads is on top of my list. After that I will improve the simple game mechanic. Another kind of portal (teleports the player to a specified position), settings for trap damage and moving enemies will hopefully improve the game. At the moment the mapping must be done manually, so the game has only a few maps. For more variety the game needs more maps or the ability to randomly generate maps.

For all three game platforms improvements are possible. On Android the control of the game character should be improved. At the moment the motion sensor is used and this input method isn’t as intuitive as I wish. My current idea is to implement a directional pad on the game screen to control the player character. In the desktop and browser project to support of GPGS has the highest urgency. As described in the previous blog post I have to have to solve or circumvent some issues, so this will possibly take some time.


Secludedness is actually a playable, but very simple game with a few maps. The basic framework is well structured and should support the future development. Once a majority of the above to-dos are eliminated, the game will be published on Google PlayStore and on my webpage. So please stay tuned and give me some feedback!

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