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Catching up…

More than a year has passed since the last blog post. The blog was more or less a memory (information) dump for me and sometimes for others. In fact, recently someone asked about slides of a talk and mentioned, that they aren’t on my blog. Based on the activity on the blog you may think, that I did nothing interesting concerning my favorite topics Android and Kotlin? Not even close and so it’s time for a catch up…

To put it in chronological order: I did another talk about Spring Boot 2 and Kotlin in Munich. This time with my dear co-worker Thorsten. The talk was based on the previous one with Hendrik. Thanks again Hendrik for your hard work on the slides and demo project and for letting us use this stuff for our talk. And again, I was just the sidekick responsible for Kotlin knowledge and some lame jokes (“The keyword is f-u-n like function or like fun if you really into Kotlin”). Because it worked out very well, we did the same talk months later in Hamburg.

In March 2019 there was another interesting opportunity to give a talk in English. I spoke at the AndroidHeads Vienna meetup. It was not only my first meetup talk in another country, but also my first about another great Kotlin-related topic: The Gradle Kotlin DSL. It’s a DSL to write Gradle build scripts in Kotlin and get rid of Groovy. An interesting approach, not perfect right now, but with great potential. As part of my talk I did a live demo (again) and uploaded the demo code and the slides on GitHub. Since I was already on it, I also wrote a blog post about the topic on the inovex blog and did (more or less) the same talk on the Mobile Development Karlsruhe meetup.

Obviously, I really like to speak about Kotlin. So, I was very happy (and also very very nervous) when Nico, the host of the German-speaking podcast Techtiefen, asked me if I like to talk about it. At the end we had a good time and talked around 1 1/2 hours. Sometimes with some wild jumps from one topic to another and lots of filler words on my side. But his superb editing skills did just magic word and produced a good podcast.

Beside that I did internal talks, some meetup organization and lots of discussions about Kotlin in other meetups, on the coffee machine and after work. It’s still an interesting topic for me and more stuff related to Kotlin will come in the future.

Kotlin¹, Kotlin² and Kotlin³

Obviously, my current hype topic at conferences, meetups and whenever I meet other developers is Kotlin. Don’t worry, I do something else now and then. 🙂

Let’s start with Kotlin¹. Initiated by GDG Karlsruhe I gave a talk at the Karlsruher Entwicklertag 2018 with the title “Kotlin for Android-Developers”. As the title already says, it was all about Kotlin and how to use it in Android. For this talk I’ve created a new live demo and it was really worth the effort. Thanks to the dedicated audience and their questions, it was a mixture of a few slides, an extensive live demo and a vivid discussion. All in all, a great conference with exciting talks and interesting discussions during the breaks. Thanks to everyone who made this conference possible.

Just a few days later I spoke about Kotlin² again. It was really fun in the square. The topic was Spring Boot 2 and Kotlin, something I’m not that familiar with. Fortunately, I was only the insignificant sidekick for my dear co-worker and backend expert Hendrik. So I contributed some knowledge as Kotlin “expert” (think of even more quotes here) while Hendrik did most of the work at our live demo. The topic was interesting and I took the opportunity to take another look at Spring Boot 2. And above all, we had a lot of fun in the live demo and afterwards.

Last but not least I just couldn’t stop talking about Kotlin³. Therefore, it was really handy that I participated in the current episode of the “What’s happening?” podcast from inovex. In this podcast we talked (in German) about language features, interoperability with Java, some practical advice and how to use Kotlin in your Android app. Thanks to the two hosts Lukas and Christian for their work and this interesting opportunity. Another big thanks to the other guest Chris, who raised many important points in the podcast. It’s always a pleasure to work together or talk about stuff with these guys.